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How to Get Statements from Your Bank

We recently introduced an online application system to streamline the process of providing loans to our members. We've had a few questions about how it works, so here's some info to clear it up!

This information also applies to those making membership applications, so keep reading!

If you're making an application, you'll need ID and your most recent bank statements. Your ID needs to be a photo of your driving licence or passport, and your bank statements need to be PDF documents. Please note that you will not be able to complete the application if your documentation is not submitted correctly.

If you need to access bank statements, please note that all online banking platforms allow you to download your most recent statements. Below is a list of instructions for major banks in the UK - alternatively, click here for general instructions.

Online Banking

We now have Online Banking available to Members, you can now transfer funds, pay a bill, and check you account balances all from the comfort of your home.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we've been working in the background on top of our normal schedule to make sure you have access to all the most important services from home.

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