Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements (and changes to personal details)

Lately, we've noticed a huge spike in new member application numbers, and we're loving the sudden burst in interest! It's great to see so many people eager to save money and to get involved in supporting their community, but a lot of the time, people seem to be unclear on what's required when you come to open a new account.

Our website has always had a membership information section for those looking to sign up. Full details of everything you need to bring with you for an application are included in the requirement listings, but to clarify, we'll put a definitive list of all you need down below.

For new adult members (16+) we need:

Valid photographic ID

Driving licences, passports, bus passes and national identity cards can be used for this. We also accept electoral identity cards.

Proof of current address

Proof of current address valid to within the last three months or Recent bank statements, recent utility bills and dated government letters can be accepted for this. We do not accept mobile pone bills.

The reason we need relevant, dated forms or letters for address verification is to show that you are registered at an address which is still valid to your identity. Providing dated address verification shows that you can prove your residence's validity right up to a recent date, as well as showing its continued duration by proving that you receive regular circulations to that location.

For new junior members (younger than 16) we need:

Identification proof

This includes passports and long birth certificates. Short birth certificates and other forms of non-photographic ID cannot be accepted. National identity cards can be accepted.

Legal parent or guardian

A legal parent or guardian to be present and added to the account as responsible for the depositor.

When it comes time to update your address or change your name, we have similar rules regarding what we can and can't accept. If you wish to update your current address with us, please use the following:

  • Recent bank statement relevant to the last three months.
  • Recent utility bill relevant to the last three months.
  • Building society statement relevant to the last three months.
  • Government letter dated and relevant to within the last three months.

If you are planning to change your name, or have already done so and need to update your details on our system, please ensure that you brig us the following:

  • Full marriage certificate.
  • Deed Poll certificate.
  • Updated driving licence.
  • Updated passport.

If you are confused or wondering why our requirements seem so strict, please see below.

We recognise that it may be difficult to get hold of bank statements and bills in the era of digital technology and online forms, but digital address verification, regardless of where it is stored, can always be emailed or printed out for us to add to your account. Although potentially inconvenient, banks can always provide statements on demand when approached in-branch or requested online.

It sounds like a complicated bureaucratic process, but it's necessary for ensuring we have correct and legally-verified information on all of our members. If you are unable to provide the correct forms of ID, we are obliged to carry out background identity checks, which we have to store on record. For a full listing of membership requirements, please visit the link below.

If you are planning to use a form of ID which we have not listed here or under our membership page, please be aware that it will not be accepted.

Online Banking

We now have Online Banking available to Members, you can now transfer funds, pay a bill, and check you account balances all from the comfort of your home.

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