On Wednesday (21st June), two of our amazing staff members travelled up to The Jungle NI in Magherafelt to take part in an afternoon of team building activities. 9 people from Credit Unions throughout Chapter 2 came and divided into 2 teams, which competed against one another in The Jungle’s “Crystal Challenge.”

Caroline on top of her team’s “Signal Tower” challenge attempt!

The two teams took part in 17 different physical, mental and skills challenges. One member from each team would put themselves forward for each challenge in the hopes that their abilities would make them the right person for the job. If they beat their challenge, they won a crystal, and the team with the most crystals by the end of the 17 challenges would be crowned the winner.

The teams crawled, ran, jumped, puzzled and threw their way around the huge path of challenges, and after the surprise buy celebrex 18th challenge, which came in the form of a Rodeo Bull, the score was even. To decide the winner, each team put forward one more member to confront the bull, and with a 2-second lead, Caroline managed to win the decider and grant her team the victory!

With the rivalries settled, both teams were exhausted and ready for lunch. Even though they all felt ready for bed, everyone was already planning to come back next year! From all of us who came along, we’d like to thank everyone at The Jungle NI for such an amazing afternoon of fun and making new friends. If all goes to plan, we’ll see you again next year for more!

For anyone looking for information on The Jungle NI, their website can be found here!

Below are some photos from throughout the afternoon. Click on them to view them as a gallery!