Every year the costs start to pile up once it reaches the back-to-school season in shops. With uniform grants falling this year (see here), many people will find themselves struggling to meet the financial requirements of preparing for the school year.

It’s not unusual to feel a little stuck when it comes to this time of year. If you watch the video down below, you’ll learn all about how often parents find themselves coming up short when getting into gear for the school year.

There’s nothing to worry about though; Antrim Credit Union has your back. Click on the video below to see how people all over Ireland use their buy cheap celebrex online local credit unions to make the back-to-school period much more manageable. If you find yourself in need of any help, feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or come into the office!

If you want, you can also enquire about a loan online before coming into the office to find out exactly what’s available to you. Click here to make an enquiry, which will give you the peace of mind to make your decision from home. Once your enquiry is looked at in the office, you’ll be contacted by our staff, who will inform you of what’s available!

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